Psychic Medium Fair

Join us Friday October 27th at Town Hall 1873 Theatre for our First ever Psychic Medium Fair!

October 27th; 12PM – 7PM.

Receive intuitive advice, tarot readings, spiritual healing, communications with departed loved ones with Professional Psychic/Mediums.

*No fee for admission (individual service fees are paid directly to the Psychic/Medium)

Jody Reid – International Psychic Medium

Jody possesses a unique gift that allows her to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Through her exceptional  abilities, she has the uncanny ability to communicate with spirits, tap into energy fields, and perceive information beyond the realm of ordinary human perception.  Jody’s readings are transformative, providing profound insights into various aspects of life, including relationships, career paths, personal growth, and spiritual development. Her accuracy and detail in delivering messages from the spirit world have left countless individuals amazed and profoundly touched by their experiences. Her unique approach combines intuition, psychic insights, and spiritual teachings to empower individuals to overcome challenges, make informed decisions, and embrace their true potential.

Jody’s warm and approachable demeanor creates a safe and nurturing environment for her clients, allowing them to openly express their concerns and deepest emotions. Her genuine desire to help and provide guidance shines through in every interaction, leaving a lasting impact on those who seek her guidance.

**In addition to being available for readings during the Psychic Medium Fair, Jody will be performing  “An Intimate Journey to the Spirit Realm with Psychic Medium Jody Reid” at Town Hall 1873 Theatre that evening, Friday October 27th at 8:30 PM.  Tickets are $75 ages 16+. Limited seating.  To purchase tickets contact the box office at 905-985-8181 or online — CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS. **

Nancy Dowson is co-owner of Calm Surrender located in Lindsay, Ontario, where she offers a wide variety of Holistic Therapies treating the body as a whole.

Nancy is very grateful to take part in Town Hall 1873’s Psychic Medium Fair and is looking forward to meeting you all! Services offered:  Holistic Back Massage,  Reflexology,  Indian Head Massage.

Discover more about Nancy and the services she offers at Calm Surrender.




Julie Vanderwal:  Energy Infused Reflexologist and IHM Practitioner.

I offer 20 minute RELAXING sessions of Energy Infused Reflexology to treat physical ailments and clear energy paths or Ancient Indian Head Massage to relieve stress and shoulder and neck pain. Additionally, I am offering 20 minute of anti-inflammatory healing sessions with Infra-Red Light on any body part as well as Red/Blue Light sessions on the face to rejuvenate collagen in the skin, reduce wrinkles or treat acne. As an Energy Healer I love to share these amazing natural remedies.


Deanna Black – Healer.  My journey into the world of healing began in 2003 thanks to a revelation from my son who recognized the healing and guidance that I had been instinctively providing for my friends and family. Now I’m a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner specializing in Past Life Regression, Child Hypnosis, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Reader, Reflexologist, Spiritual Coach and specializing in the Laws of Attraction. My purpose in life is to be a healer and I am genuinely passionate about helping and guiding people to heal themselves. So many people have endured negative experiences in their lives which can cause personality changes and being lost to their true selves. I help people heal through these traumas and guide them towards self-worth, self-love, confidence and achieving their dreams. I absolutely love seeing my clients succeed and become the person they were truly meant to be! I create a gentle, compassionate, loving and supportive environment for my clients. It is important to have mutual trust, honesty and respect for us to begin the inspiring life altering healing journey together. I truly enjoy what I do and love to witness the happiness, successes and joys my clients experience! Being happy starts within the self and every person deserves to give that achievement to themselves.

Discover more about Deanna on her website, on TikTok, Instagram, and facebook.

Jackie Reid: Spiritual Card Reader.

Jackie a natural born healer an empath and a spiritual guide through the divine. Jackie provides readings through cards and downloads from spirit guides.  Jackie is very grateful for the blessings of her gift and has fully embraced it and is on a mission to help people find the peace and balance in their life.  She loves helping people it brings her soul joy.

Find Jackie on facebook @jrspiritualguide




Flo Burton –  Psychic Medium.

I have been seeing Spirit since I was 6. I am an International Psychic Medium and have successfully read for people from Africa, Scotland, USA, Dubai and west to east Canada. I am an Ordained Minister, a Certified Social Service Worker, a Meditation and Intuitive Development Teacher, Reiki Master, I also perform house clearings from unwanted spirits, and previously worked as a radio personality. I love people and Spirit. I work closely with my guides and your loved ones that have crossed, this enables me to receive the highest and best information for you. I believe my empathetic nature and Strong Celtic warrior Spirit have congruently married together to make me a well honed person and Psychic Medium. God Bless you on your Journey.

Maria Pino – My approach to healing is “hands-on”. Through my own personal healing journey I have honed in on my skills for healing and have raised my intuition to allow the healing energies to come through me to you.  I work with my hands all the time, making jewelry, playing percussion, giving energy massages, practicing yoga and reading Tarot, to reach others and help them heal by moving energy.
Intuitive Tarot Card Reader
Provide insights to the messages you need to hear for your highest good, through the Tarot
Jewelry Designer
I design and create crystal jewelry infused with positive healing energies. Custom orders accepted.

ღ Milana The Healer ღ

Third Generation Eastern European Sage, Seer, Oracle and Healer.

Spiritual & Personal Life-Skills Coach, Guide & Mentor.

Angelic and Intuitive Energy Healer.

Reiki Master.

Tarot, Oracle, Angel Card Reader.

Over 45 years experience in Metaphysical practices.


Energy & Karmic Healing with Elaine

My is passion helping others heal through tarot and energy healing such as Reiki, while providing self-healing tips. I call myself a Tarot Guide (rather than reader) because it is my clients who pick the tarot cards, and I am the psychic conduit who delivers the message. I am here to help them interpret what each card means for them personally, how it relates to the question(s) asked, and the guidance which is has come through, to help them grow spiritually and personally. Reiki entered my life, after years of trying to heal from various life struggles through therapy, exercise, diet and anti-depressants. Reiki heals the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is very subtle yet powerful energy which works with the chakra system. After my first session if you asked me how it helped specifically I wouldn’t have been able to tell you in all honesty. All I knew is that I felt better, I felt lighter. And this was the beginning of my introduction into the study of Reiki, energy healing, tuning forks, crystals, pendulum work, tarot, intuitive psychic and mediumship development and so, so much more in the metaphysical field.

Sax & The Eclectic Tea Cup

Clairvoyant Medium, Sax Lynn Francisco, reads tea leaves, photographs, sometimes your mind.  She is “Hauntingly Accurate” Carla Collins, and her predictions have been confirmed with uncanny specificity up to 10 years in advance.  Since 1996 her clientele has expanded internationally and she uses her acute mediumship abilities to assist in local missing persons cases.  Written about in the book Psychics and Mediums in Canada available at Chapters.  She has appeared on Carla Collins & Company, The Designer Guys with Stephen & Chris, U8Soul, CTV’s The Crystal Ball with Ben Mulroney and Chex TV Investigative Reports with Pamela VanMeer. / 705-652-SOUL /


Stay tuned for more…