(Updated: August 8, 2023)


Town Hall 1873 Theatre (THT) has initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify qualified consultants to develop and help execute a dynamic five-year strategic plan with various THT board members. The focus will be building on fundraising strategies, adapting and modernizing communications, and increasing the impact to the bottom line. This process will be divided into two phases as listed in the scope of work and deliverables.

Town Hall 1873 is seeking a consultant who demonstrates a strong overall understanding of the structure and purpose of nonprofit organizations, has strong facilitation skills, and has proven experience with nonprofit strategic planning within the Durham Region. Consultants must have excellent research skills and have a proven track record of comprehensive strategic and/or business plans.

Town Hall 1873 Theatre (THT) is a non-profit performing arts center located in Port Perry, ON. Our historic theatre and venue is an epicenter of arts and culture in Scugog Township. The theatre serves approximately 10,000 patrons annually. As THT celebrates its 150 anniversary this year we are in the process of creating a five-year strategic plan. The plan consists of completing a capital campaign, including various renovation projects of our historic 230-seat theatre. We are looking to review our current communications and create an impactful plan to reach the community (and surrounding area) to increase awareness, cultivate more patrons, and engage in new rental opportunities. Further development of fundraising initiatives will create funding sources for long-term sustainability.

We expect the project to include:

Phase 1:

  1. Meet with board members and theatre staff to understand how we currently operate and review our current goals and mission statement.
  2. Conduct an environmental scan.
  3. Research new revenue and fundraising streams for THT.
  4. Research and redefine our current communications and brand strategies.
  5. Develop an accelerated fundraising strategy and communication plan to acclimatize with post-pandemic approaches in mind.

Phase 2:

  1. Present an updated mission and vision statement.
  2. Completed design & execution of a strategic planning process that meets the criteria outlined in this RFP.
    3. Initiate the five-year strategic plan (2023-2028) with THT board members.
    4. Oversee the implementation of the beginning stages of fundraising strategies, communications, and revenue generation.
    5. Monthly reviews; with the development and execution of a support structure for plan implementation.

The proposal should include:
1. A project plan that demonstrates a clear understanding of the work to be performed, estimated hours, and other information relevant to the project.
2. Qualifications of all consulting staff who will be assisting with the project such as education, position within consulting firm, years & type of experience.
3. Time and Cost projections.


Please submit your proposals to: boardofdirectors@townhalltheatre.ca

Proposals are due by Friday, September 1st at 5pm.

The contract will begin upon hiring and is to be completed within 4-6 months.