RTF: Artist Series

Limited Edition Artist Prints – HOLIDAY SALE!

Available for purchase at discounted price from our Box Office until 5pm on December 22, 2023.

Town Hall 1873 Artist Series

Artist Series Exhibitions:
November 2022 Feature Artist – Lauren Walker
December 2022 Feature Artist – Lynne Rempel
January 2023 Photographer – Jonathan van Bilsen
March 2023 Feature Artist – Karen Doran 
April Feature Artist – Hildy Smith
May Feature Artist – Deborah Bateman
All proceeds from the sale of each print benefit Town Hall 1873’s Reshaping The Future campaign!
Thank you for your support!

A Letter of Thanks

June 29, 2023

As Town Hall 1873’s Artist Series comes to a close, we would like to extend our gratitude to Lauren Walker, Lynne Rempel, Jonathan van Bilsen, Karen Doran, Hildy Smith, and Deborah Bateman for sharing their works of art with us and transforming the Patrons Lounge into a beautiful and colourful space through their exhibitions. Your creativity, passion, and various styles have allowed Town Hall 1873 to foster new connections and engage our community with this inspirational and timeless art form.  

We sincerely appreciate Tracey and Warren Strong at The Framer’s Gallery for collaborating and guiding us through this project. Thank you to everyone who attended the receptions and purchased artwork and prints. So far, we have raised over $2000.00 from the sale of prints and paintings for our “Reshaping the Future” fundraising campaign. Our limited-edition print sale will continue and are available for purchase through Town Hall 1873 Box Office and the Framers Gallery. All funds raised will go directly towards the improvements currently being made at Town Hall 1873. 

On behalf of the “Reshaping the Future” committee and the Town Hall 1873 board of directors, we are thankful for our community’s support that allows us to maintain and upgrade this historical landmark. 

Alissa Smith and Jeanna Smeenk 
Co-Chairs, Reshaping The Future Committee