RTF: Donations

November 4, 2023:  Ron and Nancy Compton Family Foundation” donates $150,000 toward Town Hall 1873’s Reshaping The Future Capital Campaign 

Click the link to read the exciting official announcement! Our sincere gratitude goes to THE RON AND NANCY COMPTON FAMILY FOUNDATION!

 Donation Press Release FINAL (1)

Town Hall 1873 Theatre and the “Reshaping The Future” Fundraising Committee would like to thank the following individuals, groups and businesses* for your financial support! (Updated September 23/23)

Doug & Liz Auston
Bill Baker
Deborah Bateman
Wendy Board
Borelians Community Theatre
Reverend John Brown
Leslie Bruce
Janis Carter
Connie Di Pietro
Karen Doran
Bobbie Drew (Township of Scugog)
Phil Egginton
Aaron & Patricia Fenton
Paul & Laural Griffen
Barbara Gray
David Harris
Carol Matthews
Ric & Marilyn Pearce
James Perkin
Lynn Rempel
Rejane Ross
SCS Musicals
Gail Sheridan
Nathan & Jeanna Smeenk
Hildy Smith
Irwin & Alissa Smith
Tim Smith
Joanne Tanti
Lauren Walker
Phil Wooding

*Alphabetical order.