Town Hall 1873 Self-Guided Tour: GREEN ROOM

Green Room:

GREEN ROOM (definition)A room for performers to wait or relax when not required on stage; green was a popular historical colour. Early reference 1599 Blackfriars, Theatre London had a room that was painted green behind the Theatre for actors to use, no other reason for choice of colour.


  • The Green Room was an addition to the Hall in 2004.
  • The south wall of the original building is exposed in the green room.
  • Prior to the renovation Performers had a very small dressing room.
  • See the section of wooden wall with various signatures and writing – this was saved from an original “backstage” wall of the Theatre between 1974 – 2004. Performers would sign the wall and write messages of good will.
  • The Green Room is currently used as a makeup/dressing room.
  • The original (pre-renovation) changing area remains as the main dressing room, partitioned from the general green room space by a door for privacy.
  • The curtained area is currently used as a 2nd dressing room for performers.

 Dressing Room:

  • This is the original dressing room. Currently used as the main Dressing room for various productions.
  • When the Hall was restored in 1974 this space had a wall of make up mirrors on the north wall with limited space for the actors to change & prepare for performances.
  • Stairs to the backstage area above ran up/down beside the east window in the hallway, this stairwell was added in the 1974 restoration.
  • A previous remodeling in 1939 enlarged the original auditorium stage by removing the stairs and wings.