Town Hall 1873 Self-Guided Tour: KITCHEN/PATRON’S LOUNGE



  • A proper kitchen was added to the building in 2004.
  • Also added at that time were the West Wing which houses the Lift (installed 2004) and a separate set of side stairs that lead to the auditorium above and an emergency exit.

Patrons Lounge:

  • The original wooden benches were saved & used as seating in the auditorium and balcony. The historic benches are now used in the Patrons Lounge.
  • The Town originally purchased 75 benches at 35 cents a foot.
  • During the depression, the downstairs of the building became know as the Town Hall Hostel and housed transients. Vegetables and potatoes were often given to these needy people so they could have a decent meal.
  • The “Tramps” as they were then called, were looked after by the Town’s in-house Constable.
  • At one time, the town’s fire truck and snowplough were stored in what is now know as the Patrons Lounge.
  • The large picture window facing Simcoe Street was a large door that would accommodate the trucks’ entrance/exit.
  • A wholesale Christmas food market was housed in the ground floor until the end of the 30’s.
  • When the town decided to give up the market, the committee in charge had a bank balance of $50.00 which was donated to the local Businessman’s Association to sponsor a visit from Santa Claus for the town. This was the precursor to Port Perry’s increasingly successful Santa Claus Parade.
  • Prior to the 2004 renovation, the Patrons Lounge was often reduced in size with half the space to blocked off & used as a dressing area to accommodate larger casts.