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Town Hall Theatre Updates

Date: May 27, 2022


Effective June 1, 2022, Town Hall 1873 Theatre will be loosening some of the protective measures we have had in place in response to Covid-19. 

You will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination to enter the theatre.  The wearing of masks while attending a live performance will remain in place for now and social distancing remains highly encouraged whenever possible.  While it is now possible to get back to enjoying live theatre together,  we ask everyone to be understanding of the safety and comfort of all who enter our building.  Please respect that the wearing of masks is a requirement that remains in place at this time. 

Town Hall 1873 treats the safety of our staff, artists and audiences as a high priority.  We thank you for your cooperation throughout this challenging time and look forward to seeing you back in the theatre as we get back to staging concerts, musicals, plays and more





Effective June 1, 2022:

  • Vaccination – Proof of vaccination is no longer a requirement
  • Masks – All visitors, volunteers and staff will be required to wear a mask that fully covers the nose, mouth, and chin at all times during their visit to the theatre. Masks should fit snugly against the face without gaps; cloth masks should have at least two layers of fabric.  Single-layer neck gaiters and bandanas are not allowed as a substitute for mask.
  • Sanitizer Stations – We encourage use of the hand sanitizer stations provided throughout the venue.
  • Social Distancing – remains highly encouraged when it is possible.
  • Access, Entrance/Exit – To reduce crowding, separate entrances/exits for the theatre may be utilized. At some performances, exits may be staggered based on patron seating in an effort to avoid crowding of patrons.
  • Enhanced Cleaning – Enhanced cleaning measures remain in place.  High-touch surfaces such as theatre seats, bannisters, door handles and washrooms are regularly sanitized by our on-site cleaning team.
  • Ventilation – Town Hall 1873 Theatre is equipped with state-of-the art ventilation and air filtration systems which freshen the air at regular intervals.
  • Contact Tracing – The ticket purchaser will be considered the primary contact for any guests in your booking and will be expected to have contact information for individuals in your group.

Disclaimer – In purchasing a ticket to any performance or event at the Town Hall Theatre, you are agreeing to abide by all of the guidelines listed above without exception. Compliance with these guidelines is intended to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 but cannot eliminate the potential of exposure.  In purchasing a ticket and attending a performance, you are taking personal responsibility for any remaining risks. Town Hall 1873 Theatre reserves the right to cancel any ticketed event if the rate of community transmission of COVID-19 increases at a rate where the public’s health warrants further protective measures.

We are simply thrilled to be able to welcome performers and the public back into our theatre. And we are now…at 100% capacity!

 As rules and protocols, as well as public comfort levels around Covid-19 protective measures change and adapt, so too will our own response.  

Our Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation!  Our reopening has been made possible in part due to funding received through OTF’s Resilient Communities grant program. We have been able to add upgrades and include safety protocols at our venue to help keep you, our staff, volunteers, and artists safe and healthy as we welcome you back through our doors in 2022!

We hope to see you back enjoying live performances on stage at Town Hall Theatre very soon!

Town Hall 1873 Board of Directors and Staff