Psychic Medium Fair 2024

About the Healers:

(Updated May 13, 2024. Alphabetical Order)

Deanna Black

Deanna is a Highly Sensitive Intuitive Reader who is attuned to senses of energy, empathy and intuition. Her abilities help her to be able to do Intuitive Reading, Energy Healing, Animal Communication, Body Scans, Mediumship, Psychometry, Past Life, Channelling and more!



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Flo Burton

Sax Lyn & The Eclectic Tea Cup

Clairvoyant Medium, Sax Lynn Francisco, reads tea leaves, photographs, sometimes your mind.  She is “Hauntingly Accurate” Carla Collins, and her predictions have been confirmed with uncanny specificity up to 10 years in advance.  Since 1996 her clientele has expanded internationally and she uses her acute mediumship abilities to assist in local missing persons cases.

Written about in the book Psychics and Mediums in Canada available at Chapters.  She has appeared on Carla Collins & Company, The Designer Guys with Stephen & Chris, U8Soul, CTV’s The Crystal Ball with Ben Mulroney and Chex TV Investigative Reports with Pamela VanMeer.

705 652 SOUL



Elaine Kemp

Discover your strengths and your own healing abilities.

I am a clairvoyant psychic, energy & sound healer, Reiki Master, & Tarot Guide.

Tarot and Reiki compliment each other on your healing journey. Through tarot I identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, and with the help of  your spirit guides and loved ones, communicate provided guidance.  Reiki, as well as other energy healing modalities, assists in releasing those weaknesses, which are trapped in our emotional and mental bodies, and if left untreated often manifest in the physical body through pain, illness or disease.





Fiona Newman

Irish Mystic & Soul Coach Psychic, Medium Spiritual Counselor & Mentor Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator.

About Fiona Growing up in Ireland, Fiona was introduced to Irish Paganism & Celtic Shamanism at an early age. Fiona always had a close connection with Ancestors, Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides and people who had passed from this world to the Spirit Realms. She immigrated to Canada in 1989, moving to Peterborough, Ontario, where she currently owns and operates THE HEALING HOUSE SCHOOL. The Healing House offers Holistic Services and Holistic Training various locations throughout Canada, Ireland, and internationally. Fiona also offers Intuitive, Psychic, Medium and Past Life Readings. Communicating with our loved ones who have passed, is one of Fiona’s favourite aspects of her work. The rewards for her is the peace a family feels when they reconnect, it can be an extremely emotional and Healing experience. Fiona will guide you gently as she contacts your loved one and encourages peaceful communication. Her career to date has brought her to many interesting ventures, including locating Missing People and working on Cold Cases with the Peterborough and Lakefield Police, OPP and across Canada for the RCMP.

♥ Fiona Will Be Offering 20 Minute Readings.

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Facebook Fiona Newman
Email: /Phone: 705-808-3732


Maria Pino

I am an energy healer holding space, creating a shift in your energy allowing you to flow in your journey rather than to fight against it.

A tarot card reading with me will help you :
Release blockages, Receive Clarity, Feel more confident, Confirm your journey and leave with an action plan to manifest the right action(s) for your highest good.

I don’t ask questions in my readings, I allow the energy of the cards and your energy to guide me in the messages you need to hear.

♥ To book an appointment or to learn more about me, please visit:



Jaclyn Reid

Facebook @jrspiritualguide
Jackie Reid Spiritual Card Reader 
905 243-9705

Jackie is a natural born healer, an empath and a spiritual guide through the divine.

Jackie provides psychic card readings through downloads from spirit guides.
Jackie is very grateful for the blessings of her gift and has fully embraced it and is on a mission to help people find the peace and balance in their life. Jackie loves helping people it brings her soul joy.
Holistic Therapist✨
Spiritual Guide ✨
Card Reader✨

Cell # 905-243-9705


Jody Reid

Step into a heartwarming world with Jody, a beloved international psychic medium, whose mission to uplift and support others has touched countless lives. Jody’s incredible journey from 27 years in the medical field to the realm of mediumship is a testament to her unwavering dedication to helping those in need.

Experience the gentle embrace of Jody’s empathetic and nurturing sessions, where healing and comfort flow effortlessly. Delve into the pages of her poignant novel, “Love Beyond,” a touching narrative inspired by real encounters that illuminate the enduring presence of our departed loved ones in the spirit world.

Feel the anticipation and joy as Jody prepares for over 60 upcoming shows across Canada, eager to share her profound connections to the other side through platform mediumship. Embrace Jody’s belief in the universal ability to reconnect with our cherished ancestors, as she offers a transformative online psychic medium development course and a forthcoming life scripting workbook to guide you towards your brightest future.

♥ With deep humility and a profound sense of purpose, Jody considers it a true privilege to channel messages and facilitate reunions with loved ones. Join Jody on her heartfelt journey by connecting with her on social media:

Facebook: Jody Reid International Psychic Medium

Instagram: Jody Reid Psychic Medium


Open your heart to the magic, embrace the connections, and embark on a soul-stirring voyage of healing and discovery with Jody.

Alison Sharp

I’m a Psychic Medium Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive. I see movie scenes, pictures, symbols, and I channel music. I got my divine gifts and abilities after having 6 near death experiences throughout my life. I offer unique experiences called Sketch Readings where I put noise cancelling headphones on while my client sits in front of me. I sketch out what I see and hear, then I deliver the reading and my client keeps the sketch. I do this on black matte paper or on a black photo matte. This give my clients the opportunity to have a keepsake from their reading.

I’ll be offering my Medical, Psychic Medium, Sketch, and Tarot readings.

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♥ You can book a private reading with me directly off my website at, via email at, or by text at 705•718•8725.

Tamara Sophia

Tamara Sophia of Inner Power Astrology is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience. Through a variety of astrological methods, she combines natal insights and predictive messages; including karmic lessons to be learned.  This is followed by intuitive messages through Tarot Readings, all meant to empower you to recognize opportunities and make your best choices.

♥ You will leave with a deeper understanding of your unique story and evolutionary path, as well as your personal cycles around love, relationships and money.


Instagram: innerpowerastro

Facebook: Inner Power Astrology

Twitter: @Innerpowerastro

Fiona Waddall

My name is Fiona and I am an International Psychic Tarot Reader, Energy Healer, Psychic Channel and Medical Intuitive.  I also teach psychic development classes when I am not on the road!  At the shows I offer sessions for 15, 20 or 30 mins.  I can help answer questions about love, health, career or life purpose.
I am your reader if you are ready to get direction, take action and want to leave feeling positive!!!

♥ You can check out my site for more details and closer to the event I will offer pre-bookings

♥If you have more questions I am on Facebook or you can email me at



Sabrina West “Soulful Truth”

 Soulful Truth More information to come.